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Gratitude Journal 

Journal daily, keeping in mind these four topics: 

1. Gratitude in the present moment

2. Gratitude generally

3. Short term goals

4. Visualizing your ideal life

Journaling Videos

Below are short summaries of material covered at the monthly workshops. If you need a refresher about the material, please click below...

The Podcast

Many of the topics we discuss in our workshops are squeezed into 10-15 minute discussions. My podcast spends more time on many of the topics we discuss in person.  Enjoy!

Earthing / 

Our April workshop focused on the science supporting the dramatic health benefits of grounding the human body - and the shockingly simple, free access to grounding (also known as Earthing) by simply being barefoot outdoors in the grass, dirt or sand. Listen to the evidence supporting Earthing as a powerful treatment for inflammation related disease.

Arthur C. Brooks, Professor of Happiness at Harvard

Arthur Brooks is a professor of Happiness at the Harvard Business School, columnist for The Atlantic, and author of Build the Life You Want: The Art and Science of Getting Happier


Byron Katie
"The Work"

Access the link below to a 7 minute video where Byron Katie walks you through filling out your own worksheet.

Access your own worksheet on Byron Katie's website HERE

Certified facilitators of Byron Katie's work are available to help you through understanding your worksheet HERE.   Byron Katie is also available to help you and others via zoom three mornings a week.  Watching others work through the four questions helps everyone with their own questions and challenges.

A video of Byron Katie helping someone through a worksheet (aka "The Work") is HERE

Links to videos and recommended reading 
(Click on the underlined text for links to the videos, audios and information about the recommended readings)

Eckhart Tolle

One of our greatest living teachers on the mind and the present moment, Eckhart Tolle is the author of The Power of Now, and A New Earth. (These books are often found at used book retailers at very reduced prices.)

Eckhart also has a great many talks on YouTube

Dr. Joe Dispenza

For those interested in the more scientific perspective on changing the nature of your reality, Dr. Joe Dispenza discusses many of the same techniques that we cover in our journaling and workshops.

1. Shut down distractions

2. Breathe and center yourself

3. Ask yourself "Can I be defined by a vision of the future instead of a memory of the past?"

4. Decide on the emotions you'll feel when you begin to create that future and teach your body emotionally what that future is going to feel like.

5. Rehearse in your mind who you are going to be when you open your eyes

6. Decide what thoughts, behaviors and emotions you are not going to bring to your future

Wayne Dyer

For those interested in a more spiritual perspective, Dr. Wayne Dyer reads a three minute affirmation from the book "Three Magic Words" that repeats itself for several hours.  (This is a personal favorite, and great for listening to during times of confusion or stress.)

David McGraw, Ph.D

Get your headphones on! This meditation was created especially for New Direction and includes not only relaxation techniques, but also provides resilience training, methods for stress release, guidance to help in disentangling from toxic relationships, and pathways for achieving an empowered life. "I have written it to facilitate personal growth and tranquility, bringing together various elements in positive psychology to foster a comprehensive and healing experience." Dr. David McGraw, Ph.D

Michael Singer is the New York Times best-selling author of modern classics such as The Surrender Experiment, The Untethered Soul, and Living Untethered.  A yogi, whose life was dedicated to allowing life to unfold before him without preferences, built a yoga retreat in Florida in the 70s (where he still resides). Along the way, he has become a world renowned teacher, as well as the founder of a multi-billion dollar software company.

Michael Singer teaches that the most important lesson to learn is that no one and nothing is bothering you.  Instead, you are bothering yourself about other people and things. If you feel negative emotion, it means that inner work is needed.  He stresses that no one should be asked to do things differently in order to make you feel good.  Feeling good is entirely personal work.

Psychologist, spiritual teacher and author of Be Here Now, Ram Dass is famous for his challenge of the status quo while at Harvard in the 1960s.  Numerous talks on relationships, life, dying and more can be found on YouTube and his topically organized website.

Dr. Edgar Mitchell

Apollo 14 Astronaut

Hear his story HERE

When Apollo 14 was returning from the moon, the sixth man ever to walk on the moon experienced an epiphany on the return trip home - realizing the interconnectedness of all things.  He has since founded IONS, the Institute of Noetic Sciences to emphasize the importance of including consciousness and quantum mechanics that had been discarded by Newtonian physics and traditional science.

The most unique of our collection of influencers, Pauline Oliveros was the recipient of four Honorary Doctorates. Among her many recent awards were the William Schuman Award for Lifetime Achievement, Columbia University, New York, NY,The Giga-Hertz-Award for Lifetime Achievement in Electronic Music from ZKM, Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe, Germany and The John Cage award from from the Foundation of Contemporary Arts.

She founded "Deep Listening ®," which came from her childhood fascination with sounds and from her works in concert music with composition, improvisation and electro-acoustics. She described Deep Listening as a way of listening in every possible way to everything possible to hear no matter what you are doing. Such intense listening includes the sounds of daily life, of nature, of one's own thoughts as well as musical sounds.

"Deep Listening is my life practice," Oliveros explained, simply.

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